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    A. Geography

    Zuoying District is in the north of Kaohsiung City. It connects Sanmin District to the east, Gushan District to the south, Nanzih District to the north, and faces Taiwan Strait to the west. Zuoying District is also an important base of navy in Taiwan. Lotus pond scenic spot lies in the district. It faces Panpingshan (Mt. Panping) to the north and connects Gueishan (turtie mountain) to the south. There are Chun and Ciou Pavilions, Wuli Pavilion, and Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in the scenic spot. The scale of the Confucius Temple is the vastest in whole Taiwan. Its architecture modeling is grand and solemn. Therefore, it has become a famous scenic spot in southern Taiwan.

    B. Total Land Size

    Area: 19.3888 square kilometers
    Plowland Area:
    Paddy Field: 14.57 hectares
    Dry Land: 4.17 hectares