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    The former name of Zuoying was Xing-Long-Li, in which had been the station of troops since Ming Zheng era. The name of Zuoying derives from the meaning of camping on the left of the town. In 1684, Taiwan was formally incorporated into the territory of the Qing Dynasty. There established Fenshan County. The county jurisdiction was set up in Pizaitou this region. In Guangxu 21st year (1895), the administrative region of Zuoying changed again. In Xuantong 1st year (1909), Takao was set up to be the sub-canton of Tainan County. This region was divided into Zuoying and Pizaitou. In 1920 (Taisho 9th year), administrative regions were revamped and cantons were abolished and replaced by administrative divisions. Takao was revamped to Kaohsiung. Nine prefectures were established under the Kaohsiung administrative division. Zuoying and Pizaitou were abolished and replaced by Zuoying Jhuang belonging to Kaohsiung Prefecture. In 1924 (Taisho 13th year), Kaohsiung Prefecture was abolished. Zuoying Jhuang was changed to belong to Gangshan Prefecture. In 1940 (Zhaohe 15th year), Zuoying Jhuang was abolished to be incorporated into Kaohsiung City.

    After Taiwan was restored, government officers took over all counties and cities on November 25, 1945. This district belonged to Kaohsiung City and was called Zuoying. Youchang was changed to belong to Nanzih District. Fudingjin was changed to belong to Sanmin District. Neiwei was changed to belong to Gushan District. Kuo Guo-Quan was the 1st director of Zuoying after Kaohsiung City was restored. Wang Gui-Ren was elected as the 1st director by direct popular vote in May 1951. Chou Shun-Yuan was elected as the 2nd director by direct popular vote on February 18, 1953. Huang Yao-Zong was elected as the 3rd director by direct popular vote on February, 1955. Until September 1960, under Province’s order, positions of directors of Provincial cities were changed from direct popular vote to designation. Wang Gui-Ren was the 1st director. There were ten directors during 34 more years. Kaohsiung City was revamped to Municipality on July 1, 1979. The former director Chou Yao-Zhang was designated as the 1st director after elevation. Liu Jia-Nan was designated as the 2nd director on December 15, 1982. Jin Xian-Rui was designated as the 3rd director on February 13, 1988. Liang Shou-Ling was designated as the 4th director on July 1, 1994. Lee Hai-Yu was designated as the 5th director on June 17, 1996. Xu Qun-Ying was designated as the 6th director on July 1, 1999. Hong Zhao-Xiang was designated as the 7th director on February 26, 2007 till now. All directors have complete sincerity and modesty to serve people.