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    圖片說明 Civil Affairs Section:

    • Autonomous administration and election:Villager assembly, chiefs of village meeting, various briefings and elections, etc.
    • Customs and religion:Dispensing the beadroll of members and followers, temple registration, application for the incorporation of religious organizations and other permits, amendment of the articles of donation and association, etc.
    • Education and culture:Academic area for elementary schools, historic relic affairs.
    • Environmental hygiene and public hygiene:Dirt-sweeping activity, cleaning week activity, disease prevention work, cockroach killing, rat killing, mosquito killing, etc., and recruitment, training and management of environmental work volunteers.
    • Festival, art and cultural activities:Regional cultural activities, celebration of various festivals, base-level art and cultural activities.
    • Others, e.g., inspection and reporting of city appearance, civil defense group, management of community self-help organizations.
    • Reconciliation:Application may be filed with the Reconciliation Council for any civil (except divorce, paternal identification, adoption, declaration of property disposal order, notarization, etc.) and criminal cases, free of charge. Once the reconciliation is established and confirmed by the court, it has the same legal binding as a court ruling. Compulsory execution can be enacted without undergoing litigation and the favorable ruling of the court.
    • National health insurance:Processing national health insurance for Category 1 (chiefs of village) and Category 6 (veterans, family members of veterans, family members of deceased veterans, and local people outside Category 1 to 5) people, including the payment of premium, transfer in, transfer out, withdrawal, suspension, resumption, change of the basic information of the insured persons, and replacement of health insurance card.

    圖片說明 Social Welfare Section:

    • Social welfare:application of physically and mentally handicap booklet, mid- and low-income elderly living allowance, low-income household subsidies (e.g., children education and transportation allowance, funeral allowance, auxiliary apparatus allowance and household allowance for the physically and mentally handicapped, nursery allowance, etc.)
    • Social assistance:emergency assistance, natural disaster relief.
    • Prevention and rescue of disasters.
    • Guiding and assisting the community development.
    • Guidance of temporary workers, guidance of civil organizations.
    • Processing national health insurance for Category 5 (low-income households) people, including the payment of premium, transfer in, transfer out, withdrawal, suspension, resumption, change of the basic information of the insured persons, and replacement of health insurance card.

    圖片說明 Economic Development Section:

    • Use certificate for agricultural land, agricultural households’ application for rice cultivation and for farming suspension.
    • Neighborhood infrastructure:construction and maintenance of side ditch in avenues less than 6 meters, and the design of city and rural landscape plan.
    • Others, e.g, business surveys, and agricultural and fishery surveys.
    • Cessation and suspension of business by stall-keepers in public markets.
    • Management of vacant land.
    • Reporting of installment and scrapping of traffic lights.
    • Announcement of the court’s notice delivery.

    圖片說明 Military Service Section:

    • Managing the administration of military service, reservists, assembly and training of national army, recruitment of servicemen, general military service affairs, management of reservists, and other affairs related to military service.

    圖片說明 Secretariat:

    • Major public services: renting of the main hall of administrative building, district affair meeting, management, cleaning and maintenance of office space, general affairs, etc.

    圖片說明 Personnel Office:

    • In charge of personnel-related affairs.

    圖片說明 Civil Service Ethics Office:

    • In charge of rectifying civil service ethics, maintenance of official secrets, and maintenance of the office’s facilities security.

    圖片說明 Accounting Office:

    • In charge of accounting work, and also compilation of statistics, and other related affairs.