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    2019 Kaohsiung City Zuoying Wannian Folk Festival Print
      Update Time:2019-11-14 11:15

    Fire LionKaohsiung Zuoying Wannian Folklore Festival is held at the lakeside and waters of Lotus Pond, nearby temples and surrounding areas in October every year. In addition to popular activities such as Fire Lion and Traditional Gun Fortress Attack, innovative thinking and events are constantly being introduced, including the Fengyi Twin City Festival, Nalakuvara Taiwanese Dance Guinness World Record Event, Unique Battle Array Competition and Lotus Pond Firework Show etc. The events have repeatedly launched the Wannian Folklore Festival to new heights and to receive widespread recognition from domestic and overseas visitors.

    2019 Kaohsiung City Zuoying Wannian Folk Festival has ended, we are looking forward to your visit in the coming year.

    Zuoying Wannian Folk Festival      Zuoying Wannian Folk Festival -1

    Zuoying Wannian Folk Festival -2